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Reiki Master & Practitioner

For a number of years, Bina had been a 'Global Nomad' with her family which brought her the unexpected yet exciting opportunities to live in many different countries over a span of almost two decades.  This rich and varied life experience introduced her to many friends and immersed herself in the many different cultures.  A time in her life that will always be treasured.

Bina  has been studying Reiki for a number of years and continues on this lifelong learning journey.  Reiki compliments her altruistic nature.  She trained under a Reiki Master and Teacher with over thirty years of Reiki experience who has Western and Japanese lineages. 


Bina is insured to practice Reiki and is a member of the UK Reiki Federation

Bina is also a volunteer Reiki practitioner with Reiki Medic-Care, which provides evidence-based distance treatments to support the wellbeing of hospital doctors, nurses, healthcare assistantsmidwives and paramedics. 

The first published research article:

Evaluation of a Distance Reiki Program for Frontline Healthcare Workers’ Health-Related Quality of Life During the COVID-19 Pandemic

by Natalie L. Dyer PhD   Ann L. Baldwin PhD   Rosemary Pharo BA   Feona Gray

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Life can feel like a balancing act.  Providing for your family.  Performing at work.  Finding time for family and friends.  Putting others' needs first.  In all this, you often forget about Yourself.   

Your Mind and your Body also needs nurturing.  Sometimes, you just have to stop.  Take a breath.  And just for a moment, look after Yourself.  

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The Lotus flower emerges bright and beautiful from the murky and muddy waters. 

Representing purity of the mind and the spirit. 

Symbolising enlightenment and rebirth.   

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